Kate Axelrod

the law of loving others

“Axelrod’s prose is careful, intelligent, and contemplative, and the past-tense narration gives the impression of an older Emma looking back at a painful, but critical episode in her teenage years from a safe distance in the future…[A] reflective and incisive exploration of the far-reaching effects of mental illness.”
Publishers Weekly

"This atmospheric, intense book captures perfectly the  heady feeling of being on the edge of adulthood, when the abstract concept of "love" starts to have real and sometimes terrifying meaning and consequences. Kate Axelrod is a gifted, sensitive and subtle writer who readers of all ages will be thrilled to discover."
Emily Gould (do you want to list who this is?)


"THE LAW OF LOVING OTHERS…immerses us in an utterly convincing world, and, in Emma, creates the kind of complex heroine readers will long remember—in all her flaws and hidden strengths and surprising wisdom.”
Dan Chaon, author of Await Your Reply and Stay Awake"


"A riveting and heartbreaking story of every young person's worst nightmare:  the descent of a parent into madness.  A great read by a great new writer to watch."
Blake Nelson (do you want to list who this is?)

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